Au restaurant – Un jeu de rôle en anglais

Voici une question pour les amateurs de voyages, avez-vous déjà été dans un nouveau pays où vous vouliez essayer toutes sortes de nouveaux plats que vous vouliez essayer et des restaurants que vous aviez hâte de visiter, mais malheureusement la barrière linguistique vous en empêchait ?

 Si votre réponse était oui, cet article est pour vous, cette tuile nous allons vous montrer un jeu de rôle au restaurant entre un groupe de clients et le serveur, et tout au long de ce jeu de rôle essayez de ramasser un peu du nouveau vocabulaire que vous jugez utile et peut-être l’appliquer dans une situation réelle.

Oliver: Hey guys, I’ve heard a lot about this restaurant, apparently it’s doing pretty good and most of the feedback is positive despite it being rather new. Has anyone one of you been here before?

Jean: No I haven’t, but one of my colleagues did and she recommended this place for me. Apparently their desserts are to die for, that’s why I thought it would be a good idea to come here and try it ourselves.

Lisa: My stomach is already growling I can’t wait!

Jean: Apparently the waiter heard you, he’s coming to our table.

The waiter: Ladies and gentleman welcome to The North Star restaurant, I hope your night will be worthwhile. Here are your menus, can I get you some drinks to start with?

Oliver: Just water for me, please.

Lisa: I want red wine.

Jean: Me too.

The waiter: Cold water and wine coming right up. I will take your orders when I bring your drinks, please enjoy yourselves.

Lisa: What do you think we should get for the appetizer?

Jean: The shrimp tartlets look really good, I think I’m going to get that.

Oliver: I want the chicken bites, what about you Lisa?

Lisa: I will go with the fried calamari.

The waiter: Here are your drinks, have you decided what to order or do you need more time?

Lisa: I want the fried calamari.

Jean: Shrimp tartlets for me.

Oliver: And I will get the chicken bites.

The waiter: Very good choice, these are our most sold appetizers. Please enjoy your drinks I will arrive with your plates very soon.

Lisa: The atmosphere here is very sophisticated even though the place is not that expensive.

Jean: Yeah I agree, and this wine is so rich and aromatic, right up my alley.

The waiter: Here you go, these are your appetizers, and please let me know if anything is amiss, otherwise I will be coming later to take your main course order. Bon appétit.

Everyone: Thank you.

Oliver: Everything looks so good, I’m going to dig in immediately.

Lisa: The calamari is so soft and chewy, here Jean try some.

Jean: That’s so good, I’m glad we came here tonight.

Oliver: What about the main course, what do you plan on getting?

Jean: The spring carbonara caught my eye.

Oliver: I think I will get the seafood and chicken paella.

Lisa: Those two look delicious but I will go with the mushroom risotto.

The waiter: Ladies and gentleman, how’s your evening so far?

Lisa: It’s superb thank you.

The waiter: I’m glad to hear that, are you ready to order your main course?

Jean: Yes, I want the spring carbonara, please.

Oliver: It will be the seafood and chicken paella for me.

Isa: And I will get the mushroom risotto, please.

The waiter: Understood, I will bring them to you shortly.

Jean: To be honest, I’m looking forward for the dessert the most.

Oliver: I’m sure we won’t be disappointed.

The waiter: Here are your main courses, please don’t hesitate to call for me if you need anything.

Lisa: The risotto is so smooth and light.

Oliver: The chef here definitely knows what they’re doing.

Jean: We will have to visit again.

The waiter: Is everything to your liking?

Oliver: Yes, very. Thank you.

The waiter: Perfect, then would you like to indulge in some desserts? Our specialty is the tiramisu layer cake, and I really recommend that.

Lisa: I will be getting that the, what about you Oliver?

Oliver: I want the molten chocolate lava cake.

Jean: And I want the crème brulee.

The waiter: Impeccable choices, I will be right back.

Oliver: I can’t wait for the dessert!

Jean: Me too.

The waiter: Here are your desserts, please enjoy the remainder of your evening.

Everyone: Thank you.

Lisa: This is the perfect ending for our night.

Jean: Definitely, this tastes heavenly.

Oliver: I think it’s time to ask for the bill.

The waiter: Here is your bill, I hope everything was up to standards, and that you will be visiting our restaurant again.

Lisa: We will definitely be coming back!

The waiter: Excellent, have a nice evening.

C’était l’exemple d’un groupe d’amis allant dans un nouveau restaurant pour la première fois. J’espère que ce jeu de rôle a été éducatif et qu’il vous a donné une vague idée de ce à quoi vous devez vous attendre lorsque vous y allez vous-même. Essayez d’utiliser le nouveau vocabulaire du jeu de rôle dans des situations réelles.

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