Quiz on "Abbreviations"

Welcome to your Quiz on "Abbreviations"

Choose the correct form of the underlined abbreviations used in the sentences from the given options:

HRU today? Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!
Take Rd. 2 and then the first intersection. You will reach your destination.
She lives on 4th Ave. Street.
She’s a P.A. to the Director of the Company.
The M.D. of this company is a very down to earth person.
Please fill in your D.O.B. in this form. It’s very important.
AFAIK, she is not married. But you can confirm that.
TTYL, I’m in a hurry now. Have to reach office on time.
I’ll BRB, please don’t leave.
Now sprinkle 1 tsp. icing sugar to garnish the cake.