Quiz on “Idiomatic Expressions”

Welcome to your Quiz on "Idiomatic Expressions"

Fill in the blanks with a suitable word to complete the following common idiomatic expressions:

Vacations are over, we all have to get back to the __________.
Did she do well at her examination? No, she __________ it.
________ in there. I’m coming to rescue you.
Authors of his caliber are hard to _________.
Peter said, “I’m sick and ______________ of your excuses everyday. I can’t take it anymore”.
It is not an interesting thing to do but I will take it up for sometime. In this way I will at least have my foot in the __________.
His behaviour is getting on my ____________. I can’t tolerate it anymore.
Never sell yourself _______________. It’s important to believe in yourself.
She thought that she had a good plan. Unfortunately, it was a ______________ plan . Thus, it didn’t work out.
His new endeavor ended up becoming A pie in the _______________.