Quiz on “Allowed and Not allowed”

Welcome to your Quiz on “Allowed and Not allowed”

Choose the correct option and fill in the blanks:-

The girl was ______________ to watch television for an hour everyday.
Children are ______________ to climb this cliff, as it is very dangerous.
She is not ____________ walk that distance without her walking stick.
They decided to go on a mountain trek but when they reached there, they were ___________ to proceed further as it was dangerous due to heavy rains.
These streams are so beautiful but we will not ___________ sail across them without a proper and safe boat.
Eating and drinking is _______________ in the museum.
Her mother wasn’t _____________ to meet her on Sunday, as she usually did.
I’ve never ____________ to swim more than 5 metres.
The soldiers were _______________ to surrender until they received the signal from their commander.
She ____________ run fast, but she doesn’t have the money to buy the right shoes.