Quiz on “Confusables”

Welcome to your Quiz on “Confusables”

Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct option from the confusables (meanings):

She is expecting that her pay be _______________ to the hours of work she puts in.
Many of Paris’ ___________ travel to work by train or bus.
The prisoners were entitled to ___________ treatment during their imprisonment tenure.
There was a long ___________ at the supermarket yesterday, so I returned and didn’t buy anything.
This is a ___________ piece of art! It must be kept protected so that it lasts longer.
_____________ changes have gradually led to global warming.
Please _________ this screen so that you can focus on the main screen.
Do not become _______________ with the Covid situation. We must take precautions to stay protected, at all times.
The huge truck broke down in the middle of the road and _______________ the entire traffic.
The doctor confirmed that this is a water - __________ disease.