Quiz on ‘Conjunctions’ & ‘Relative pronouns’

Welcome to your Quiz on ‘Conjunctions’ & ‘Relative pronouns’

Fill in the blanks with ‘Conjunctions’ OR ‘Relative pronouns’

There is nothing more refreshing ____________ a cooler on a hot summer day.
This is a very dangerous situation ____________ be careful.
She _____________ realized her mistake.
They were __________ tired travelling, they slept in very late the next day..
Are you completely sure about ______________ you are saying?
She did not study _________ failed her exams.
The doctor contemplated ______________ they should go in for an operation immediately or wait for a few days more.
Margaret was afraid to lose her job _________ she missed another deadline.
_______________ Mary was smart, she always re-thought before answering.
They could not take a decision ___________ they received a reply from the high authority.