Quiz on "Otherwise, If, and Unless"

Welcome to your Quiz on "Otherwise, If, and Unless"

Fill in the blanks with ‘OTHERWISE’, ‘IF’, or ‘UNLESS:


____________ you try, you will not know if you can succeed or not.
I must hurry _____________ I’ll be late for work.
____________ you’re not sure, ask.
Do not leave the house, __________ there is an emergency.
Margarette must be very intelligent, _____________ she wouldn’t have been able to solve this puzzle.
____________ you wish, we can celebrate your birthday at the Hilton.
She will listen to you _______________ you distract her.
He will do well _____________ you explain how he is supposed to do it.
Better save for a rainy day, ______________ it will be difficult to survive.
Do not open the door __________________ you hear my voice.