Quiz on ‘Future Continuous (Progressive) Tense’:

Welcome to your Quiz on ‘Future Continuous (Progressive) Tense’:

Choose the correct option for the verb in brackets and fill in the blanks:

____________ married next year? (get)
_______________ to the fair this evening. (not / go)
__________________ about the new project they are working on, in his speech tomorrow. (talk)
Netherlands is the place where she _________________ for a job. (applying)
_______________ at this time, tomorrow. (exercise)
She ______________ for 8 hours on Wednesday. (train)
Her mother ____________ her to meet her teacher on the 21st of this month. (accompany)
Tomorrow is an important day for Susan as she ___________ a song on stage for the first time. (sing)
Greta _____________ part in the running race this year, as she has injured her foot. (not / take)
They ____________ this place anytime tomorrow. So you have time to clean it up. (visit)