Quiz on ‘Future Tense’:

Welcome to your Quiz on ‘Future Tense’:

Choose the correct option for the verb in brackets and fill in the blanks:

He _______ his comic books to class today. (not bring)
_______ she _______ her sister along with her for the movie tomorrow? (not take)
They are ________________ her to sell her house to them soon. (persuade)
He is _____________ his rent for the whole year. (pay)
I _________ for 2 hours more every Saturday, starting tomorrow. (work)
The workers ___________ a raise in their salary as soon they realize their workload has increased a lot. (demand)
Martin __________ a car to take him home, as soon as he reaches Heathrow airport. (hire)
I _________ her for what she has done. It is not acceptable at all! (forgive)
My mother is ____________ to London next Friday. (travel)
She is ____________ her weekend at the creek side. Isn’t it a good idea? (spend)