Quiz on Idioms

Welcome to your Quiz on Idioms

Choose the correct option and fill in the blanks to complete the idiom:

You can’t hide it. It’s written all over your ________..
Please don’t go out now it’s raining cats and ___________
Don’t trust her. She’s sure to spill the _________.
Don’t be so curious. Do you remember, __________ killed the cat?
I’m so tired today, I’ll hit the _________ as soon as I get home.
Don’t be sure that she is happy. The grass is always __________ on the other side!
He has gone through so many hard times in his life that now he’s a tough _________.
There’s just a few minutes left for us to hit the _________.
It’s a very important interview for me. I have cold ___________.
You must try and improve now, before it’s too late as you know that a stitch in time saves _________.