Quiz on ‘Imperative Sentences’

Welcome to your Quiz on ‘Imperative Sentences’

Fill in the blanks with the correct imperatives using the correct form of the words in brackets:

________ down quietly and open your books.. (to sit)
________ with me to the cinema. A new movie has just released yesterday! (to come)
Tomorrow is Sunday. Let’s all __________ to the beach. (to go)
____________ the lights and fan when not in use. We can save electricity. (to switch off)
It’s really sunny outside. Please __________ your cap. (to wear)
________ out right now. It’s raining cats and dogs. You will get wet. (Not/go)
________ too high; you may hurt yourself. (not/to jump)
__________ and do your work! (to shut up)
________ along with me to the party. I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself. (to come)
________ fast, or you will not win the race. (to run)