Quiz on ‘Past Perfect Tense’:

Welcome to your Quiz on ‘Past Perfect Tense’:

Fill in the blanks with the past perfect forms of the verbs in brackets:

_________ you _______ (do) your homework yesterday?
I _____ ______ (go) to the library to return some books, last week.
If she _______ _______ (listen) to her parents she would have not ended up in this situation.
He _________ __________ (sing) this song before. It’s the first time he’s going to sing it.
We _______ _______ (eat) our dinner in this restaurant last night. Let’s try another restaurant!
He _____ _______ (write) this book 1 year ago.
I ________ _______ (climb) a tree when I was a child.
She remembered that she ______ ________ (walk) this road several years ago.
Tom couldn’t believe how fast his little daughter _______ _________ (grow) into a beautiful woman!
These flowers blossom once in two years, and they _______ _________ (blossom) last year, so they won’t this year.