Quiz on ‘Personal Pronouns’:

Welcome to your Quiz on ‘Personal Pronouns’:

Choose the correct personal pronoun from the options given below and fill in the blanks:

_________ is very tall, but couldn’t reach to pick mangoes from the tree.
Alan’s mother asked him to go to bed early but __________ decided to study longer, so he worked with us.
_________ am getting late! Please hurry up!
Mary was told that ______ was selected to head the team.
Vicky wanted to carry his bag with _______.
Marie baked a cake for her mother. Her mother said that ______ was delicious!
Tomorrow is a holiday but Nancy said that _________ will go to the office, as she has some work to complete.
The children are playing in the garden as _________ have a holiday today.
Never put down the weak; Instead support _________.
Natasha told _______ not to travel by bus as it takes longer to reach there.