Quiz on So or Such

Welcome to your Quiz on So or Such

Fill in the blanks with ‘So’ OR ‘Such’.

It was _________ a difficult test that he was worried about whether he would pass it or not.
It is _________ a beautiful day! Let’s go out for a picnic.
The climb was ____________ difficult that he was tattered by the time he reached the peak of the mountain.
That family is __________ poor that they struggle every month to make ends meet.
____________ a beautiful dress! Where did you buy it from?
It is ___________ kind of her to offer her help to the less fortunate every weekend.
Russell is _________ an intelligent boy!
It’s ____________ kind of you to come over to help with Maria’s homework.
Helen is ____________ a good artist! Almost all her paintings at exhibition get sold out in no time!
Mary was ___________ upset with her little brother for spoiling her painting, that she didn’t speak to him for 2 days.