Quiz on Verbs

Welcome to your Quiz on Verbs

Choose the correct option and fill in the blanks with the correct conjugation of the verb in bracket:

I saw her _______________ (walk) down this road yesterday.
Have you _________ (be/ sleep) all this while?
She ________ when she hit her foot against the stone.
She said that she was going ____________ (climb) the mountain next week.
She was asked _____________ (write) an autobiography and publish it.
The teacher asked the class ____________ (calculate) the product of a mathematical problem.
I would __________ this book now but I have something else that’s more important to do.
If I _______ not __________ to school today, I would not have known about my results.
She said that she would ___________ by 6:00p.m.
The woods are beautifully covered with blooming and fragrant flowers where one can