Watch Your Way To Learning Spanish – Part 22

Do you have your vacations approaching? Are beaches your favorite vacation spot? Learn Spanish Speaking and convince your dad to take you on a beach to detox. 

Video for Spanish 500 words-Lesson 22

Practice your Spanish with the below exercise. Write the answers in the comment section below.

Exercise: Choose the correct Spanish word for

1) Went

    a) Fuimos

    b) Fuamos

2) Beach

     a) Pliya

     b) Playa

3) Sand


    b) Arena

4) Weekend

    a) Fin de semana

    b) Fan de samane

5) Toys

   a) Jugaetes

   b) Juguetes

6) Swim

    a) Nadar

    b) Nader

7) Father

    a) Padre

    b) Padra

8) Umbrella

    a) Sombrelle

   b) Sombrilla

9) A or an

    a) el

    b) una

10) Under

   a) Debajo

   b) Dabajo

Don’t forget to number them correctly. Good luck!

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