Watch Your Way To Learning Spanish- Part 34

How can you learn Spanish? It’s simple, watch this small video on a basic conversation in Spanish by Albert Learning.

Video for Spanish 500 words-Lesson 34

Practise your Spanish with the below exercise. Write the answers in the comment section below.

Exercise: Choose the correct translation 

1) Año

  • Year
  • One

2) Bajar

  • Worry
  • Low

3) Viejo

  • Old
  • New

4) Vender

  • Sell
  • Buy

5) Gente

  • People
  • Occupy

6) Tiene 8 años desde que lo compre.

  • It has been 8 years since I have bought it.
  • It has been 8 months since I have bought it.

7) Es un buen precio. Está bien, hablaremos después me tengo que ir. Adiós

  • It is a good price, okay, talk to you later, I have to go. BYE
  • It is okay, I will meet you soon. Bye.

8) ¡Que bonito coche tienes!

  • What a nice house you have!
  • What a nice car you have!

9) Lo estoy vendiendo

  • I am selling it.
  • Because it is already old.

10) Tal vez unos $1,000.00

  • Maybe $1000.
  • Maybe $100.

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