Vocabulary related to Airport in French

Now with the world opening up, you might want to travel. For the same, you need to know words useful at the airport. In this article, we take you through such words in French. So the ones planning a trip to France, these words will help you.

1. une compagnie aérienne

Meaning: a business that operates regular services for carrying passengers and/or goods by aircraft

English: airline

Example: Les vols de sa compagnie aérienne ne décollent plus. (The flights of his airline company no longer take off.)

2. avion

Meaning: a vehicle designed for air travel that has wings and one or more engines

English: airplane

Example: Avez-vous déjà voyagé en avion? (Have you ever travelled in an airplane?)


Meaning: a place where aircraft regularly take off and land, with buildings for passengers to wait in

English: airport

Example: Vous devez être à l’aéroport deux heures avant votre vol. (You need to be at the airport two hours before your flight.)

4. l’enregistrement

Meaning: to show your ticket at an airport so that you can be told where you will be sitting and so that your bags can be put on the aircraft

English: check in

Example: Il y avait de longues files d’attente à l’enregistrement. (There were long queues at the check-in.)

5. la douane

Meaning :the place at a port, airport, or border where travelers’ bags are examined for illegal or taxable goods

English: customs

Example: Il a été arrêté à la douane aujourd’hui pour avoir tenté d’apporter des drogues illicites. (He was arrested by customs officers at the border today for trying to bring in illegal drugs.)

6. classe économique

Meaning: the cheapest and least comfortable type of seats on an aircraft

English:economy class

Example: Même s’il est un acteur célèbre, il voyage en classe économique. (Even though he is a famous actor, he travels in economy class.)

7. première classe

Meaning: relating to the most expensive and highest quality service on a plane or train, or in a hotel

English:first class

Example: Elle était ravie lorsque son billet a été surclassé en première classe. (She was delighted when her ticket got upgraded to first class.)


Meaning: the process of examining your passport and other documents to make certain that you can be allowed to enter the country, or the place where this is done


Example: Il a été arrêté alors qu’il soudoyait les agents de l’immigration. (He was caught while bribing the officers at immigration.)

9. le contrôle de sécurité 

Meaning :Ensemble des installations de chemin de fer permettant d’assurer les opérations relatives à la circulation des trains, au service des voyageurs et/ou des marchandises.

English:security check

Example: Le pirate essayait d’éviter le contrôle de sécurité à l’aéroport (The hijacker was trying to avoid the security check at the airport.)


Meaning: the area or building at a station, airport, or port that is used by passengers leaving or arriving by train, aircraft, or ship

English: terminal

Example: De quel terminal votre vol décollera-t-il? (From which terminal will your flight take off? )

11. escale

Meaning :a short stay in a place that you make while you are on a longer journey to somewhere else


Example: Le vol a fait escale à Istanbul. (The flight had a stopover at Istanbul.)


Meaning: a vehicle or aircraft that travels regularly between two places


Example: Une navette attendait les passagers. (A shuttle was waiting for the passengers.)  

13.les départs  

Meaning: the act of leaving a place, or a flight, train, etc. that is leaving a place at a particular time

English: departures

Example:Il y a eu moins de départs que d’arrivées aujourd’hui. (There were less departures than arrivals today.) 

14. un vol

Meaning: a journey in an aircraft


Example: Notre vol a été retardé en raison d’un orage. (Our flight was delayed due to a thunderstorm.)

15.les arrivées

Meaning: the act of someone or something that reaches a place or comes into existence, or a person or thing that reaches a place


Example: Combien d’arrivées y a-t-il aujourd’hui? (How many arrivals are there today? ) 


Meaning: the fact of an aircraft arriving on the ground or a boat reaching land


Example: L’avion n’a pas trouvé d’endroit pour atterrir. (The plane couldn’t find a spot for landing.) 

17.le décollage

Meaning: If an aircraft, bird, or insect takes off, it leaves the ground and begins to fly

English: take off

Example: Le vol décollera dans quelques minutes. (The flight will take off in a few minutes.) 

Now that you have learnt the meanings of these words in French, be sure to use them while you visit France. At the airport, these French words will save you. For more such vocabulary in French, keep following our blog.

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