Commonly used adverbs in French

Adverbs are used to modify different parts of speech in French. If you want to identify adverbs in French, just see words ending in -ment. However, some don’t end in -ment. Read further to know about commonly used adverbs in French.

1. absolument

Meaning: completely; beyond any doubt

English: absolutely

Example: Elle n’avait absolument aucune idée de la surprise. (She had absolutely no clue about the surprise.)

2. vraiment 

Meaning: used to say that something is certain

English: really

Example: Tu viens vraiment avec nous? (Are you really coming with us?)

3. bien

Meaning: in a good way, to a high or satisfactory standard

English: well

Example: J’ai bien dormi la nuit dernière. (I slept well last night.)

4. mal

Meaning:in a severe and harmful way

English:badly ,poorly

Example: Ce texte est mal traduit. (This text is poorly translated)

5. lentement

Meaning :at a slow speed

English: slowly

Example: Elle mangeait très lentement. (She ate very slowly.)

6.  actuellement

Meaning: at the present time

English: currently

Example: La capitale de la France est actuellement Paris. (The capital of France is currently Paris.)

7. doucement

Meaning: at a slow speed; not quickly

English: slowly, quietly

Example: Il a conduit doucement car il y avait des enfants avec lui.(He drove slowly as there were kids with him.)

8. vite

Meaning moving or capable of moving at high speed.

English: fast

Example: Il a couru vite pour pouvoir terminer premier de la course. (He ran fast so he could finish first in the race.

9. Generalement 

Meaning :in most cases; usually

English: generally

Example: Elle appelle généralement ses parents au cours de son voyage. (She generally calls her parents on her journey.)

10. Rapidement 

Meaning: in a fast or sudden way

English: rapidly

Example: Tout a changé rapidement pour lui. (Everything changed rapidly for him.)


Meaning :with no difficulty or effort

English: easily

Example: Je pourrais facilement résoudre le papier en un rien de temps. (I could easily solve the paper in no time.)

12. Joyeusement 

Meaning: in a happy, joyful way

English: happily, joyfully 

Example: Les enfants ont joué joyeusement dans le parc. (The kids played happily in the park.)

13. Simplement 

Meaning: completely or as much as possible

English: simply

Example: Il avait l’air tout simplement beau dans le smoking. (He looked simply handsome in the tuxedo.)

14. Heureusement

Meaning: because of good luck

English: luckily

Example: Elle a heureusement porté une paire de vêtements supplémentaire à la plage. (She luckily carried an extra pair of clothes to the beach.)

15. Parfaitment

Meaning: in a perfect way

English: perfectly 

Example: Elle a parfaitement plié les vêtements. (She folded the clothes perfectly.)

Now that you have learnt the meanings of these words in French, be sure to use them while you visit France. For more such vocabulary in French, keep following our blog. Learn French online with Albert Learning.