Vocabulary related to Countries and Nationalities in French

Have you ever thought about how different nationalities are said in French? Are they the same as in English or otherwise? In French, nationalities have genders too. Today we bring to you country names, and the nationalities attached to them. Look out for how different countries are called in French too.

Country name in EnglishCountry name in FrenchInhabitants (Masculine)Inhabitants(Feminine)
Francela Francefrançais française 
United states of Americales États-Unis d’Amériqueaméricainaméricaine
Canadale Canadacanadiencanadienne
Mexicole Mexiquemexicainmexicaine
Switzerlandla Suissesuissesuisse
Japanle Japonjaponaisjaponaise
Greecela Grècegrecgrecque
Russiala Russierusserusse
Belgiumla Belgiquebelgebelge

Now you must have seen how to call inhabitants of various countries as. However, there are a few things you must remember.

  • Unlike English, in French countries and nationalities must have a definite article (le/ la/ les/ l’) 

For example: La France – Les Français 

  • While the country names start with capital letters, nationality is written in small.

For example: Il habite en Inde et il est indien. (He lives in India, and he is an Indian.

  • However, when talking about inhabitants of a country, start with a capital letter. 

For example: Les Français aiment le vin. (The French love wine.)

We hope you can now talk about various nationalities and countries in French without getting confused. For more such vocabulary in French, stay tuned to our blog. You can also learn French online.

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