Vocabulary related to beverages and drinks in French

Here are some beverages and drinks that people usually drink. Do you know their names in French? Learn new words in French and use it to speak French. Which is your favorite drink from these? Try making a sentence in French.

1. lait 

Meaning: the white liquid produced by cows, goats, and sheep and used by humans as a drink or for making butter, cheese, etc.

English: milk

Example: Le bébé ne boit pas du tout de lait. (The baby doesn’t drink milk at all.)

2. thé 

Meaning: a drink made by pouring hot water onto dried and cut leaves and sometimes flowers, especially the leaves of the tea plant

English: tea 

Example: Il est accro au thé plusieurs fois par jour. (He is addicted to having tea several times a day.)

3. café 

Meaning: a drink, usually hot, made from the dark brown powder produced from crushed coffee beans

English: coffee

Example: Il existe de nombreux types de café disponibles ici. (There are many different types of coffee available here.)

4. chocolat chaud

Meaning: a hot drink made from milk and/or water, powdered chocolate, and sugar

English: hot chocolate

Example: Le chocolat chaud de la cantine de notre collège est très réputé.(The hot chocolate at our college canteen is very famous.)

5. bière

Meaning :an alcoholic drink made from grain and hops

English: beer

Example: Le pub sentait la bière rassis. (The pub smelled of stale beer.)

6. vin

Meaning: an alcoholic drink that is usually made from grapes, but can also be made from other fruits or flowers

English: wine 

Example: Il préfère le vin rouge au vin blanc. (He prefers red wine to white wine.)

7. champagne 

Meaning: an expensive white or pink fizzy wine made in the Champagne area of Eastern France


Example: Il y avait une bouteille de champagne offerte dans la chambre d’hôtel. (There was a complimentary bottle of champagne in the hotel room.)

8. whisky

Meaning :a strong, pale brown alcoholic drink, originally from Scotland and Ireland, made from grain such as barley, maize, or rye

English: Whisky 

Example: Il se versa un whisky et s’assit sur la chaise. (He poured himself a whisky and sat down in the chair.)

9. limonade

Meaning :a drink made with the juice of lemons, water, and sugar


Example: La limonade fraîche est un excellent moyen de combattre la chaleur. (Fresh lemonade is a great way to beat the heat.)

10. boisson gazeuse

Meaning: a cold, usually sweet, drink that does not contain alcohol

English:soft drink

Example: Il y avait une bouteille de boisson gazeuse sur le rebord de la fenêtre. (There was a soft drink bottle on the windowsill.)

11. jus

Meaning :the liquid that comes from fruit or vegetables

English: juice

Example: Nous ne devons pas mettre de sucre supplémentaire dans les jus de fruits. (We shouldn’t put any extra sugar into fruit juices.)

12. milk-shake  

Meaning: a drink made of milk and usually ice cream and a flavour such as fruit or chocolate, mixed together until it is smooth


Example: Ma mère fait un délicieux milk-shake au chocolat. (My mom makes delicious chocolate milkshake.)  

13. soda

Meaning: any type of sweet fizzy drink that is not alcoholic

English: soda

Example:Elle se rince la bouche avec de l’eau et du soda tous les matins.(She rinses her mouth with water and soda every morning.) 

14. smoothie 

Meaning: a thick, cold drink made from fruit and often yogurt or ice cream, mixed together until smooth


Example: Pouvez-vous me parler d’un smoothie sain pour la peau? (Can you tell me about a healthy smoothie for skin?)

Now that you have learnt the meanings of these words in French, be sure to use them while you want to talk about drinks and beverages. For more such vocabulary in French, keep following our blog. You can also learn French online with our experienced teachers.