Vocabulary related to weather in French

The weather keeps on changing every now and then. In this lesson, you will learn words that can be used to describe weather in French. Learn new vocabulary in French to talk about the weather. Let’s go through these French words.

1. froid

Meaning: having a low temperature, esp. when compared to the temperature of the human body, and not hot or warm

English: cold

Example:Il fait froid dehors, n’oubliez pas de porter votre manteau. (It’s cold outside, don’t forget to carry your coats.)

2. chaud

Meaning: having or producing a comfortably high temperature, although not hot

English: warm


Elle est sortie de la cuisine car il y faisait chaud. (She came out of the kitchen as it was warm there.)

3. neige

Meaning: water that falls from clouds as soft, white flakes (= thin pieces) of ice when it is cold, or an amount of these flakes

English:  snow

Example: Il neige tout le mois de décembre dans le Nord. (It snows throughout December in the North.)

4. vent

Meaning: the movement of air outside, esp. when strong enough to be felt

English: wind

Example: La nuit était froide et le vent inexistant. (The night was cold and the wind was nonexistent.)

5. pluie

Meaning :drops of water from clouds

English: rain

Example: Ils sont restés car la pluie était très forte hier. (They stayed in as the rain was very heavy yesterday.)

6. grêle 

Meaning: small, hard balls of ice that fall from the sky like rain

English: hail

Example: Le tonnerre a explosé puis la grêle a commencé, tambourinant sur le toit comme de grosses billes. (Thunder exploded and then the hail started, drumming on the roof like large marbles.)

7. canicule

Meaning: a period of days during which the weather is much hotter than usual

English:  heat wave

Example: La canicule de 2003 a fait plus de 30 000 morts.(The 2003 heatwave killed more than 30,000 people.)


Meaning: the thin, white layer of ice that forms when the air temperature is below the freezing point of water, especially outside at night

English: frost

Example: Notre jardin était couvert de givre le matin. (Our garden was covered in frost in the morning.)

9. flocons de neige

Meaning :a small piece of snow that falls from the sky.

English: snowflakes

Example: Elle était ravie de voir des flocons de neige pour la première fois. (She was delighted to see snowflakes for the first time.)

10. degré

Meaning: any of various units of measurement, especially of temperature 

English: degree

Example: Les températures atteindront 85 degrés ce soir. (Temperatures will reach 85 degrees tonight.)

11. tempête de neige 

Meaning a heavy fall of snow that is blown by strong winds

English: snowstorm

Example: Ils étaient coincés au milieu d’une tempête de neige sans nulle part où aller.

 (They were stuck in the middle of a snowstorm with nowhere to go. )

12. ouragan

Meaning: a violent wind that has a circular movement, especially in the West Atlantic Ocean

English: hurricane

Example: Soyez prêt avec vos équipements de sécurité, juste au cas où l’ouragan toucherait terre. (Be prepared with your safety gears, just in case the hurricane makes landfall..) 

13. tonnerre

Meaning: the sudden loud noise that comes from the sky especially during a storm

English: thunder

Example: Les enfants ont tous eu peur après le coup de tonnerre. (The children were all scared after the thunder striked.) 

14. humide

Meaning:Partie du membre supérieur de l’homme comprise entre l’épaule et le coude, par opposition à l’avant-bras

English: humid

Example: Le climat sur la côte est chaud, humide et malsain. (The climate on the coast is hot, humid and unhealthy.) 

15. brouillard

Meaning: a weather condition in which very small drops of water come together to form a thick cloud close to the land or sea, making it difficult to see

English: fog

Example: Nous ne pouvions pas voir les routes sur les ghats car il y avait du brouillard tout autour. (We couldn’t see the roads on the ghats as there was fog all around.)

I hope you enjoyed learning words related to the weather in French. For more such French vocabulary, keep reading our blog. You can easily learn French online with us. Stay tuned for more interesting blogs.