Vocabulaire lié aux équipements de bureau

Il se peut que vous trouviez beaucoup de choses dans un bureau que vous n’utilisez pas régulièrement à la maison. Dans cette leçon, vous apprendrez vocabulaire lié aux équipements de bureau.

1. Tape [ teyp ]

Meaning:a long, narrow strip of material that is sometimes sticky on one side

French: ruban adhésif 

I need a tape to wrap this farewell gift. (J’ai besoin d’un ruban adhésif pour emballer ce cadeau d’adieu.)

2. Paper Clip

Meaning – a small piece of bent wire used for holding pieces of paper together

French – trombone

Secure the documents with a paperclip. (Fixez les documents avec un trombone.)

3. Ruler [ roo-ler ]

Meaning – a long, narrow, flat piece of plastic, metal, or wood with straight edges where centimetres or inches, or both are printed. It is used for measuring things and for drawing straight lines.

French –  règle 

Use a ruler to draw straight lines please. (Utilisez une règle pour tracer des lignes droites s’il vous plaît.)

4. Scissors [ siz-erz ]

Meaning: a device used for cutting materials such as paper, cloth, and hair, consisting of two sharp blades that are joined in the middle, and two handles with holes to put your fingers through

French: –   ciseaux 

I need this newspaper cut out, can I borrow a pair of scissors? (J’ai besoin de cette découpe de journal, puis-je emprunter une paire de ciseaux?)

5. Stapler [ stey-pler ]

Meaning – a small device that you can hold in your hand or use on a table to push staples through pieces of paper

French – agrafeuse

Can you pass me the stapler? (Pouvez-vous me passer l’agrafeuse?)

6. Pen [ pen ]

Meaning – a long, thin object used for writing or drawing with ink

French – stylo

I want a pen to sign these documents. (Je veux un stylo pour signer ces documents.)

7. Pencil [ pen-suhl ]

Meaning – a long, thin object, usually made of wood, for writing or drawing, with a sharp black or coloured point at one end:

French –  crayon

Is there a spare pencil on your desk? (Y a-t-il un crayon de rechange sur votre bureau?)

8. Highlighter [ hahy-lahy-ter ]

Meaning – a special pen containing bright ink, used to mark words in a book, magazine, etc

French – surligneur

She used the highlighter to mark the important points in the book.  (Elle a utilisé le surligneur pour marquer les points importants du livre.)

9. Hole-punch

Meaning – a device used for making holes in pieces of paper so that they can be fastened together

French – perforatrice

Have you seen the hole-punch, I need it before I file my papers. (Avez-vous vu la perforatrice, j’en ai besoin avant de classer mes papiers.)

10. Rubber bands

Meaning -a thin ring of rubber used for holding things together

French – élastique 

He put a rubber band around the box. (Il a mis un élastique autour de la boîte.)

11. Printer [ prin-ter ]

Meaning: a machine that is connected to a computer and prints onto paper using ink

French – imprimante

Do you know how to use a printer? (Savez-vous comment utiliser une imprimante?)

12. Ink Cartridge 

Meaning – a small container of ink for use in a printer

French: cartouche 

Can you refill the ink cartridge soon? (Pouvez-vous bientôt recharger la cartouche d’encre?)

13. Notice board 

Meaning – a board on a wall on which notices can be fixed

French: panneau d’affichage

The holiday list is put up on the notice board. (La liste des jours fériés est affichée sur le panneau d’affichage.)

14. Drawing pins

Meaning – a short, sharp pin with a flat, round top, used especially for putting up notices

French:  punaise à papier

We’re out of drawing pins. (Nous n’avons plus de punaise à papier.)

15. Glue [ gloo ]

Meaning – a sticky substance that is used for joining things together permanently, produced from animal bones and skins or by a chemical process

French: colle

I want glue to stick my photograph on the form. (Je veux de la colle pour coller ma photo sur le formulaire.)

Maintenant que vous connaissez la signification de ces mots, assurez-vous de les utiliser quand vous parlez d’équipements de bureau. Pour plus de vocabulaire anglais, continuez à lire le blog. Apprenez l’anglais chez Albert Learning en ligne.