Vocabulary related to science in French

There is science behind almost everything. In this article you will learn words used in science and their definitions. Learn them and use them when you want to talk in about science in French. Did you know any of these words of science in French already? Let us know in the comments below! For now, start reading.

1. la physique

Meaning: the scientific study of matter and energy and the effect that they have on each other.

English: physics

Example: Elle voulait améliorer son anglais avant de s’envoler pour l’Amérique. (One of his favourite subjects is physics.)

2. la chimie

Meaning: the scientific study of the basic characteristics of substances and the ways in which they react or combine

English: chemistry 

Example: En grandissant, l’histoire était sa matière préférée. (She can’t understand chemistry at all.)

3. la biologie

Meaning: the scientific study of the natural processes of living things

English: biology

Example: Sa connaissance des mathématiques lui a permis de résoudre facilement toutes les sommes. (In biology class the students had to dissect a frog.)

4. le laboratoire

Meaning: a room or building with scientific equipment for doing scientific tests or for teaching science, or a place where chemicals or medicines are produced

English: laboratory

Example: Elle ne savait pas dans quelle science se spécialiser.(Students are very interested in visiting the laboratory in school.)

5. l’éxperience

Meaning : a test done in order to learn something or to discover if something works or is true 

English: experiment

Example: Il préférait apprendre la géographie plutôt que l’histoire. (She was very excited to conduct her very first experiment.)

6. la pile

Meaning: a device that produces electricity to provide power for radios, cars, etc.

English: battery

Example: À l’aide d’un microscope en classe de biologie, j’ai pu visualiser les cellules d’un oignon. (The magnetism produced by the battery attracts the metal.)

7. l’aimant

Meaning: an object that is able to attract iron and steel objects

English: magnet

Example: Nous sommes allés au laboratoire pour réaliser des expériences chimiques en classe de chimie. ( He picked all the pins up with a magnet.)

8.  le bécher

Meaning: a glass or plastic container used in chemistry

English: beaker

Example:Dans sa classe de dessin, elle a dessiné de beaux paysages. (She started the experiment by pouring some concentrate in the beaker.)

9. le microscope

Meaning a device that uses lenses to make very small objects look larger, so that they can be scientifically examined and studied

English: microscope

Example: Il a joué l’instrument préféré de son grand-père, le violon en classe de musique. (Students looked at onion peels under the microscope.)

10. l’éprouvette

Meaning: a small glass tube with one closed and rounded end, used in scientific experiments

English: test tube

Example:L’allemand est une langue difficile à apprendre. (Kids were asked to be careful of the test tube.)

11. l’entonnoir

Meaning :an object that has a wide round opening at the top, sloping sides, and a narrow tube at the bottom, used for pouring liquids or powders into containers with narrow necks

English: funnel


Elle aime apprendre l’espagnol comme langue seconde.(He poured petrol into the tank with the help of a funnel.)

12. la seringue

Meaning: a hollow, cylinder-shaped piece of equipment used for sucking liquid out of something or pushing liquid into something, especially one with a needle that can be put under the skin and used to inject drugs, remove small amounts of blood, etc.

English: syringe

Example: Tout le monde attendait avec impatience les cours d’EPS à l’école.(She drawed th fluid with the help of a syringe.) 

13. la lentille de l’objectif

Meaning: a lens or system of lenses in a microscope, telescope, etc., that forms an image of an object. 

English: objective lens

Example: Elle a fait publier un livre sur la physique. (He created many objective lenses, mirrors, and prisms of various sizes and purposes.) 

14. la chronomètre

Meaning: a device that makes a sound when a particular number of minutes, hours, etc. have gone past

English: timer

Example: La lumière est connectée à une minuterie. (The light is connected to a timer.)

15. la fiole

Meaning:a special container that keeps drinks hot or cold

English: flask

Example: La fiole est retirée de la glace, laissée atteindre la température de la pièce, puis pesée. (The flask is removed from the ice, allowed to attain the temperature of the room, and then weighed.) 

I hope you enjoyed learning various words related to science in French in this lesson. For more such vocabulary, keep reading our blog. You can easily learn French online with us. Stay tuned for more interesting blogs.